All classroom trainings planned at Indian Aviation Academy have been suspended till further notice.   However, new Virtual Classroom and Webinar based Training courses have been launched by Indian Aviation Academy to be delivered online. Please nominate yourself now.  
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  • Shri Hareendranathan EP

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Shri Hareendranathan EP is Director Indian Aviation Academy (IAA). IAA is a joint venture of AAI, BCAS  and DGCA. Shri Hareendranathan is a Mechanical Engineer, International Airport professional (IAP) and ICAO Course Developer (IQCS)/Course Validator & Qualified instructor. Earlier he worked as Executive Director in Technical, Cargo, Fire Services directorates and as Airport Director, Chennai Airport. Shri Hareendranathan participated in indo-US Aviation Summit 2009 held at Washington, USA, representing AAI. He participated in Conference on 1st ICAO NGAP & TRAINAIR PLUS Regional Conference at South Korea and TRAINAIR PLUS Symposium 2015 at Trinidad and Tobago.

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