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The aviation industry is undergoing transformation through paradigm changes in government policies,exponential growth rate of the industry, especially in this part of the world, and new technologies that are emerging in extreme rapidity. India is innovating satellite- based augmentation systems(GAGAN), thus transforming the way aircraft navigate. Customer expectations have reached a new high and the service quality at airports is a key to remaining competitive in business. Airport Infrastructural changes are inevitable with growing market demand.The paradigm is constantly changing and the challenges thereof can be handled only by employees with matching knowledge, skills and correct attitude (KSAs). Developing qualified, competent and highly-trained human resource to support a safe, secure and sustainable air transportation system is a fundamental tenet of ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS program. The Government of India has also an aggressive plan to promote the aviation sector. New airports are being constructed, old airports are being rejuvenated and ghost airports are being revived. Dream of common man to fly has taken off with government's visionary initiative of UDAN. India is getting delivery of onenew aircraft for scheduled operations every week.So, new avenues of employment are also increasing manifold. We are in consonance with ICAO objectives of developing qualified and competent human resource across skill
pyramid of all job roles to respond appropriately to emerging challenges and this has been cornerstone of our training policy. Training and skill development has been institutionalized within policy framework with mission mantras of Training for alland At least thirty hours of training every year. As a learning organization, we profess learning by doing.Our training philosophy is Continual, across the organization covering every single employee, across functional areas in order to develop core competencies and allied areas of technology and management for effective performances of role plays. Indian Aviation Academy (IAA), Civil Aviation Training College (CATC) and Fire Training Centre (FTC) are members of ICAO TRAIN AIR PLUS programme under which their Course Development Units (CDU) develop competency-based, performance-oriented Standard Training Packages (STPs) and share with member states for imparting competency- based training programs.
Three-stage training program drives our training plan:? Induction Training:for perfect take-off and correct heading for orientation with organization. ? Discipline-specific Training:for cruising at optimum flight path towards destination of organization goal.
? Leadership Development Training:for soaring high in aviation sky as leaders of organization.

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