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Purpose of the Course: To prepare participants with the knowledge, skills and attitude required to plan , design and maintain passenger way-finding signage in consonance with standard guidelines and best practices. Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to: Appreciate importance of Passenger way-finding signage Planning   Passenger way-finding signage at various locations Design of Passenger way-finding signage Maintaining   Passenger way-finding signage Target Audience: Civil Engineers, Terminal/Operation Managers, Architects/Planners, Project Engineers, ATCOs, Safety Manager,  Aerodrome Inspectors/Auditors ,  Pilots and other Aviation stakeholders

Standard Course Fee:

for trainees from India, Nepal and Bhutan: INR 44000

for trainees from other countries : USD 1050

for trainees from SAARC countries : USD 700

Additional Discount:

Available for more than one participants from one organization and participants from SAARC Countries.

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