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Purpose of the Course: The goal of the course is to enable participants to support the implementation of the ICAO Annex 14, Volume 1 Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) at their aerodromes to achieve compliance. The course will utilize case studies for participants to practice implementation activities of Annex 14. Learning Objectives Upon completing this course, participants will be able to learn: Standards & Recommended Practices – Annex 14, Vol. 1 Aerodrome design criteria Aerodrome data Aerodrome reference codes – aircraft type recognition Physical characteristics Declared distances Runways, taxiways and their associated areas Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) Visual Aids for navigation; aerodrome lighting, signs and markings Electrical systems Aerodrome operational services, equipment and installations Aerodrome maintenance Detail the aerodrome emergency planning process requirements; Detail the services needed to operate the aerodrome such as rescue and firefighting, wildlife strike hazard reduction, and ground handling; Identify solutions to challenges presented regarding aerodrome design and operations, encountered in real life situations; and Level of Participants- For AAI - Jr Executive and above but up to Jt.GM Level from Operations, ATM, CNS, Engineering and Planning  For others- Middle management level personnel 

Standard Course Fee:

for trainees from India, Nepal and Bhutan: INR 38000

for trainees from other countries : USD 540

for trainees from SAARC countries : USD 360

Additional Discount:

Available for more than one participants from one organization and participants from SAARC Countries.

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